How it works

Recording at the Ordering/Manufacturing phase

At first, the Securetrack system, still in the manufacturing phase at ELC, will record the numbering and other features attributed to the seal - colour, model, personalization, according to the client’s order.

This control avoids doubling the features of any seal when a new order arrives (no cloning).

Recording at the invoice phase

Following the invoice, ELC will issue a document containing the numerical range of the seals ordered by the client and all other information related to the individuality of the seals (color, model, raw material).

Initial control by the client

The client can check the order via Internet, what is the status of the order, the invoice date and other related information.

Recording the seal application

Within the Securetrack system the client will record the following information at the moment of application:

  • Seal number,
  • Seal color,
  • Seal model,
  • Personalization
  • Sealed equipment/compartment
  • Other information/Additional information.

If some seals are reported missing, the client is able to cancel the validity of the lost seals.